NMC Technology Outlook > Cooperative eXtension 2016-2021

This is first ever NMC Horizon Project publication to focus explicitly on Cooperative Extension programs at land-grant universities across the U.S. Panelists will provide vision and stimulus to the effort, and will be of critical importance as we identify and describe the key emerging technologies that will be influential for Cooperative Extension professionals over the next five years.

We are very pleased to have the support and participation of the ECOP Innovation Task Force and eXtension Foundation as we launch this effort.

Members of the education community are encouraged to follow the Panel of Expert's progress as the discussion unfolded and to use the wiki as a resource and reference tool. It is the record of the processes used, materials referenced, research methods, and decisions that are part of creating the
NMC Technology Outlook for Cooperative eXtension 2016-2021. It is meant to provide a deep resource of materials that underpin the report.

Any interested party is encouraged to participate in the Horizon Project, as users of and contributors to the wiki, or by using the project's hashtag on Twitter: #NMChz.